Narcotic Addiction Side Effects

Narcotic Addiction Side Effects Narcotic abuse has reached alarming proportions in recent times all over the world. Even more worrying is the fact that most of these narcotic drugs are prescribed in medical facilities for the treatment of pain. Most of them are also known to be very effective cough suppressants and th....

Narcotic Addiction Symptoms

Narcotic Addiction Symptoms Narcotics, often known as opiates, have been widely used for a number of decades to suppress coughs and treat severe and chronic pain. In most cases, they are prescribed by medical practitioners to patients in need of relief from discomfort and pain in the short term. This is because of their ability....

Narcotic Addiction Withdrawal

Narcotic Addiction Withdrawal Anyone who has been addicted to narcotics or any other drug is likely to undergo withdrawal at one point or another. Continued consumption of narcotics alters brain and body function - especially as far as pain relief is concerned. Over time, the body becomes used to h....

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What Are Narcotics?

The term narcos Oneida one of the most common as far as drug abuse and addiction is concerned. It is a Greek term used to refer to stupor. Originally, it was used in reference to a wide range of substances known to dull senses as well as relieves pain. Currently, this term has been used for substances known to bind opiate receptors. There are instances where the term is used in reference to illicit substances, while in the legal context; the term refers to opium derivatives as well as its semi-synthetic substitutes.

Non-synthetic or natural narcotics are obtained from the poppy plant known to grow in various countries around the world. Natural narcotics include morphine and codeine. There are also synthetic as well as semi-synthetic narcotics produced in laboratories. Ideally, laboratories make narcotics capable of producing analgesic effects tantamount to those of morphine.

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